Entrepreneur since 2013, I started several businesses from IT consulting to event management, business consulting or entrepreneur coaching.

Based in Brussels (Belgium) since 12 years, as a lot of French people, I felt in love with the quality of life in Belgium and never went back to France.

Always looking for new opportunities as an entrepreneur or investor, I will be happy to discuss with you about any opportunity.

During the last years, I have travelled in 13 countries to meet entrepreneurs and attend conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship. Thanks to this, I can bring you an open minded outside point of view and I have developed a network across Europe, USA, Africa and Asia to make your project grow.

Media attention

During my journey, I have been interviewed in several media such as

Let's meet success

Breakdown the success patterns of others, in order to inspire me and let me share it with my network, is a fundamental quest. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of celebrities from entrepreneurship to artist or sports champion.

The keys they shared allow me today to handle unexpected situations with more serenity.

Mel Gibson - Acteur oscarisé
Los Angeles - 2018
Yves Mattagne, Chef 2* Michelin
Bruxelles - 2019
Michael Douglas, Acteur Oscarisé
Los Angeles - 2018
Jonathan Borlee, Champion d'Europe
Bruxelles - 2017
Steve Wozniak, Cofondateur d'Apple
Los Angeles - 2018
Hugh Hilton, Investisseur immobilier
Los Angeles - 2019
Ndaba Mandela, Fondateur du Mandel Project
Johannesburg - 2018
Jay Abraham, Marketer Star
Los Angeles - 2019
Gary Kasparov, Champion du monde d'échec
Los Angeles - 2019
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