• Matthieu Kaczmarek

How to make your company unique compared to your competitors?

The goal of uniqueness in business is to make your customers memorable so that they come back again and again.

There are two possibilities: do something unique that does not exist on the market or do something in a unique way.

Example: you can be a baker and do it in a different and unique way from your competitors while doing something unique would be creating an application with a theme that does not exist or has not been treated.

How to make your company unique, different from its competitors?

Always think about your client and ask yourself “How can I bring them more value?” “How can I make their life easier?” “How can I make the content of my services more accessible or more exclusive?” Therein lies the value of a new business compared to others already on the market for years.

You always have to ask yourself what competitors are doing and what you can do better than them. Always think about the customer, it is useless to create a service or a product having no added value for the customer, he will not be ready to buy it, there must be a win / win relationship between you and your client.

Differentiating yourself from the competition can be done through a technical process, for example to produce faster, while a process that only reduces your costs is not directly visible to the customer. The second one can be used on the final price but cannot be your only uniqueness.

Another approach is to ask yourself: What does my client not yet have in my product range and what could I add? Does my client need additional service?

This can be done internally within your company or through the acquisition of another. The goal is to offer an additional product or service and thus make life easier for the customer. In addition, you can probably offer a better price on the whole because some fixed costs will be shared: rent of the premises, administrative staff, cost of customer acquisition ...

Use comments about your competitors to improve your offer

If your company is listed on TripAdvisor or Google My Business (restaurant, bar, leisure activity ...), it is important to read customer reviews to know their needs from your business but also from your competitors. It can also allow you to identify certain services that your competitors are offering and that you miss but also THE service that everyone is missing and that you will be the first to offer. If you have a loyal client base that you can contact (email or phone), do a study with them asking them the areas of improvement they consider necessary, the things that would make their lives easier, what they would like to have it with you but they don't have it yet.

Do not differentiate by price

Differentiating yourself only by a lower price is a very bad idea, because it means that your margins are down for the same manufacturing / delivery process for a product or service. With this low-price strategy, you will need to have many more customers than your competitors to achieve the same final gain and you are exposed to a competitor that could scale quicker than you.

Being cheaper is possible if you have significantly lower production costs than your competitors and you are not offering exactly the same service. Recently, I read an article about a French law firm specializing in consented divorces that is able to handle 6000 cases a year with 15 lawyers. This is an impossible number to reach by operating like any other law firm. What they have done to reach this level is on the one hand to be ultra-specialist in their field and on the other hand they have automated the whole process via the internet. They can therefore afford to offer a lower rate than a lawyer who will deal with everything "manually" and individually, but they do not offer the same service either. This firm therefore has two strong uniqueness: ultra-specialization and a more affordable price.

What to do now ?

If you do not know how to really stand out from your competitors, if you have questions about the relevance of a differentiation axis or any other question on this subject, contact me by email:

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