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Sell your company

If you wish to retire, have personal constraints or simply want to change of business activity, I will evaluate the opportunity to buy your company in the best conditions.

My objective is to allow a maximum of companies to stay in business for decades by using there rich past and adapt to the new market needs.

Profitable company


Your company generates profits and you wish to sell it to someone who will not only take care of it but also continue to make it grow, I will be at your side to buy it in the best conditions for all parts : you as the seller, your team as the main strength of the company and I as the new owner.

Company in trouble

Sometimes in the entrepreneurship journey, it happens that there is a tough time. The coronavirus crisis has maybe weaken your company and you would like to have an honest outside point of view, a new strategy and not being obliged to manage the upcoming issues. I will be there to evaluate how I can help you by consulting your company or by buying it.

Let's connect


Fill the available form to let me know your opportunity. I will come back to you in order to see the possibilities.